A Certain Kind of Light

Loma Linda University Health’s Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness produced an award-winning documentary film (A Certain Kind of Light) and seven smaller educational films that highlight the importance of considering the whole person in healthcare.

In A Certain Kind of Light, told through the life a 94-year-old pioneer in whole person care, we see Dr. Wil Alexander weave the art of story and healthcare that has transformed lives at Loma Linda University Health. This documentary film and six shorter education films based on the CLEAR Whole Person Care® model (Connect, Listen, Explore, Acknowledge, Respond and Patient Interview) are primary components of the film-based CLEAR Whole Person Care® curriculum developed to provide health caregivers a unique approach to healthcare.

For more information, contact wholeness@llu.edu or +1 (909) 558-7786.